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The Thirteen Classes of the Turning Wheel

There is a caste system based on Karma in the pages of this book. All spiritual structures begin to line up within the story of these souls. From each place in the caste structure, we live a different life fraught with the lessons of the past and the connection with the future. All of our destinies are entwined, dependent and sought after by the other. Even the greatest enemy is bound to our life chain as strongly as our mate of the soul. We need each other.

As those caught in the whirling tides of Atlantis’ vision, we seek to restore the knowledge of before. We embolden even our fiercest enemies to join us in the hunt to reclaim our magickal birthright. No human can remember their place among the stars except for those who have been born elsewhere and return. These children come into this world in disastrous ways to maintain the connection to the Otherworld. Often they die in the process to maintain their spiritual integrity. Let us honor them now with the memories of this life and of the lives that touched it. Let us also remember that human history is not building it’s progress forward but desperately trying to recreate the lost cities and planes of old. It is how Kali created us, to be each other’s infinity.


  1. Watcher – Records, watches events, offers guidance. Usually sits on a council and judges others when the universe is out of balance. Works closely with deities who are in charge with maintaining order. They often have the terrible job off passing on news of death, destruction and sadness to others. In truth, they hate their existence but understand the need for consistency in the universe. It all comes down to timing for a Watcher. They are usually obsessed with selling false ideas of time to others so that Time and Lord Shiva will be their sole domain. Sometimes a Watcher gets too carried away with their concept of the universe and own self worth and Goddess Kali sets them straight. Straight into oblivion.
  2. Warrior – Fights battles for establish sides like good or evil. Never passes to one side easily. Can be swayed by acts of deception, personal challenges and displays of dominance from a superior warrior. Can be any size, shape or design. They follow politicians, nobles, Justice Bringers, Destroyers and sometimes even Oracles. They do not like to blindly accept the orders of an Oracle due to the extreme emotional energy and lack of control over logic and reason. The Oracles can be physically dominated into submission but if they are pushed hard enough, a Seer can physically overpower any foe. This earns the loyalty of the warrior clan.
  3. Healer – Heals and mentors other in medicine, alchemy and magick. Always a teacher and usually the one on the wrong side of a sharp stick. While they can be rather tedious to understand, they usually speak for the good of the clans. Healers tend to stick with other healers as only they can truly understand their plight as “weak yet strong.” Some Healers and Oracles make good friends due to the connection of the third eyes to the forces of the universe but often the Oracle is too spacy and airheaded for the Healer to put up with for very long.
  4. Thief – Steals what they can through trickery and visual deceit. Very theatrical and entertaining even when you are being spiritually pick-pocketed out of your most passionate talent. Can take on any appearance they desire. Usually offer apprenticeships to anyone who is willing to take the fall for the trainer. They tend to build up a lot of negative karma, but instead of taking the brunt of that karma for the lesson, they pass it on to their student. Learns by being deceived and repeating this action to others. Without this constant buildup of negative karma and release to those who are unwittingly putting themselves in the face of danger, the universe would instantly halt and Chaos would reign. Thieves are a necessary force regardless of what the Justice Bringers tell you.
  5. Mercenary – Like demons, angels and so many more, these are dangerous. They never truly choose an alignment and can be terribly unpredictable. All of the mercenaries are annoyingly clever and use reason and logic like the sharpest blade imagined. Drawn, oddly enough to the Justice Bringer. They mourn the falling of these souls harder than anyone and feel that it justifies their actions. They can be heroes at the darkest of times and villains in times of merriment and rest. While they can form close friendships with others, they tend to hang on for themselves and their own best interests. It’s nothing personal. A Mercenary can choose to be many things, including a hero, a villain or they can evolve to become the Justice Bringer.
  6. Noble – Usually soulless. There’s a lot of soulless out there. People who are more like cannon fodder than flesh and bone. The obscenities that leak from their bodies are as offensive as the stench of old decomposition in humid lands. These people tend to be the ones to outline what is good and what is evil when neither one can truly be “right.” They usually ally with the thief, the politician and the deceiver. They are the bane of existence to all justice-bringers and watchers as they play within the rules yet escape truth through their own divine methods.
  7. Villain – Always evil and doing evil deeds. Yawn. They’re kind of boring when they are the only one in the story. Pretty predictable and often monologues their plans during song and dance. If you listen closely enough, you get all the answers you need to overthrow them within five minutes. The universe and all in it truly despise them and the heros because of their over-written and under explained attempts at destroying one another. Just take their word for it, they’re a villain!
  8. Hero – Another really predictable and annoying sort of class of people. These folks often end up dead or with a terribly boring progression to their story. They seek to marry, have a load of children and die quietly in their old age. Because the universe hates things to be boring, they are often killed off in more inspiring manners to help the rest of the universe carry on without falling asleep.  They are truly the sort of folk you read about in faerie tales. Always the good guy and never deceptive. Just take their word for it, they’re a hero!
  9. Politician – A constant stream of rules, double-talk and illegal use of Oracles are the pulse of this breed. Their acts against Seers is unspeakable as they aim to twist the words of the Gods and the will of individuals for their own selfish needs. Politicians tend to travel in large, fat herds where they can attempt to cling to their fractured view of security by intimidating predators with their numbers.
  10. Justice Bringer – Probably the most annoying class in the entire universal structure. These folks bring justice at any cost – even the cost of their own life – even if you fall in love with their characters and see all the good that their existence will bring – NOPE, THESE GUYS BRING JUSTICE! Ahh, sweet justice. Shall we talk about that here? No? Let’s move on then. Justice Bringer recognizes the Deceiver as soon as he opens his mouth to lie. He will not destroy the Deceiver but he will keep an open eye and ear to all that he says.  There is sometimes a grain of truth to those terrible lies and the Justice Bringer seeks truth out even if it means he must wade in lies.
  11. Deceiver – The Deceiver is more than just a really skilled bookkeeper. He’s the one in charge of the budget, the hiring and firing and also those annoying lunches scheduled with the part of the universe that believes squirrels are intelligent life. Often really pessimistic, kind of like that annoying jackass the Justice Bringer, he’s just telling you the truth – or his version of it.  At all costs, the Deceiver maintains his life even if it means that the universe will become unbalanced. His control over his own will is unparalleled to almost anyone except the Justice Bringer.  Immediately upon seeing each other, both will recognize the other for who they are and engage in endless debate. Such is the way of things.
  12. Destroyer – One of the most misunderstood of all of the classes. They do not just take by destroying all known things in existence. They destroy by giving life to those who will alter courses and give key points of information. They favor the Seer because of their grasp on reality and firm hold on their emotions. Destroyers do not show emotion because they view if as a weakness Unlike everyone else, they tend to have emotions that rival even the Oracle at times. They don’t believe that they do and there’s no telling them otherwise. They will forever seek the assistance of the last class to keep their stories twisted in a rather loose knot.
  13. Oracle – The most rare class of folk that the universe boasts. They were once great in number until the fall of their world, Atlantis. Growing to prideful and upsetting the working of the established universe tore apart the “universe within a universe” that was the many-portaled plane of Atlantis. The destruction of Atlantis left a rift in the universe that is so large, it can be felt by all creation – even a foetus in the womb. They are passionate about life in all of it’s forms. Oracles tend to make friends with awesome and horrendous creatures such as The Gods of Old, faeries and those in the court of Seelly.

It is known that the small amount of Oracles that are left are usually enslaved by Politicians, Deceivers, Nobles and sometimes even corrupted Watchers. They live a wretched existence, paying the cosmic toll left to them by their foremothers and forefathers. It is unknown how many Oracles still retain the knowledge of Atlantis. It was decided long ago, during a Watcher council set up to restore balance, that the survivors of the Lost Kingdom never regain their memories.

Some of those Atlantean Priests and Priestesses foresaw this judgment and cast a circle about themselves to escape the fate. At least the two of them succeeded in this and were still joined in handfasting. Had the memory of Atlantis faded from them, their union would have been null and void and they would not have the promise of being reincarnated with each other. The karmic fallout from this action of going against the will of the universe caused a rip in the substance of one of the Oracle’s stars.

The lovers were destined to meet each other but eventually the energy from the damaged star would drain, killing the owner and ending the life prematurely. The mate of the damaged Oracle star did not accept this and caused another terrific event to further push the wheel of the universe off kilter. She sought to repair the rift within the star with the core of a Phoenix, but it was too late – the star had died. Overcome with grief, she caused a bubble in the universe much like a miniature version of Atlantis and lives there with the memory of her former lover. Cursed and yet content in her madness.

She creates worlds of fantasy for them to escape in and live out the lives that they were cheated of by the decisions of others. Her laughter is in the shrill of death overtaking the innocent and her sobs can be heard moments after the lightning strikes. Her lover ever reminds her of their mortality as they deplete the energy left by her master’s once healthy star. Going against death itself, they create a new life from a memory and the energy of a single, defiant star. A baby grows in defiance of the entire cosmic flow.


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