Recapturing the Pagan Will

An interesting thought occurred to me the other night as I was discussing with friends how I call the elemental quarters. I realized something very profound in my musings. My math is very, very wrong. I’m not calling elemental quarters. I’m actually calling fifths. I’ve been doing it so long, actually, that it’s hard-wired into my psyche. There’s a method to this mathematical faux pas that’s seems to be disturbingly absent from the minds of many Pagan folk I chat with on a daily basis.

Going clockwise and starting at the Eastern Quarter, I’ll go through the actions of calling up Air, Fire, Water, Earth but then that’s where my math takes a turn. I always call the fifth element into the circle with a sort of purposeful and thundering tone. The Element of Spirit which I directly assign as my “will” comes roaring from within me into the sacred space. It’s a kind of “check-valve” and a way to “watch myself” and hold true to any ethical and moral accountability. Not only that, my will is the fuel for whatever spiritual endeavour I am focusing my intent upon. I believe that the human will is being wrongfully neglected in modern Pagan mindsets and society has a lot to do with why that is coming to fruition.

When I watch shows like “Ancient Aliens” I like to push the boundaries of my understanding and consider for a moment that there are other lifeforms in the universe. It’s not as much a novelty as it was fifty years ago to claim that you believe in life on other worlds. I see the impact that this show has on the human mind and it’s worrisome. The show goes over pretty much every major event, accomplishment and angle that it can to discredit our ancestor’s ancient achievements through the vehicle of their own will. Our ancestors were very much different than us in the modern world. They didn’t have media, Face Book or any other social distraction to keep them from consummating a grand scheme or an epic failure.

Every thing our ancestors did was based upon their will to conquer the world around us. Some of those ideals were very destructive to our planet but some of them are beauties that we continue to marvel at thousands of years after their creation. Our civilization of old was built on real, tangible acts that were conceived from minds that were more attuned with the natural world. Technology, while a fantastic accomplishment of the thoughts of many minds has robbed us of our will. There are human beings out there that can not fathom the following construct:


That quote is from the opening credits of a show called “Big Bang Theory.” While many people may shrug it off as a pop culture reference, it’s much more than that in practice. Society has been quite insidious in the way that it’s been ransacking the Pagan mindset. While most memes on the internet seem to have an innocuous nature about them, there are a great deal shared by the Pagan community that propagate the concept of “victimhood” and a mindset of defensiveness.

So what can we do to reclaim this crucial Pagan value and the very essence of all that we are and can produce in this life? One thing is understanding that there doesn’t have to be a “God” or “Creator” to be a sole vehicle in your magick or mundane dealings. Praying for something to happen doesn’t manifest it into being. Actions, even small ones can significantly alter the course of any affair and have a powerful effect on your surroundings. Relish the concept in your mind for just one moment that you are powerful in your mind and stand apart from the Gods. Also know that all Gods have an agenda and that may or may not be clear to us as humans. When you enter a pact with yourself in the circle under the banner of the Element of Spirit, the only one accountable for your actions is you.

I believe that modern society has steered away from ownership and accountability. That’s been detrimental to almost all aspects of our Pagan culture. Twisting words, definitions, blaming others, condemning outside forces for your state of being are all adding fuel to the bonfire of our lost Pagan civilizations. Most of us fancy ourselves as reclaimationists and reclaiming the power that is our birthright is a step in the direction that will ultimately turn the tide on the understanding of human will.

These aren’t just phrases, they’re realities that every human should embrace.

You can do it. – It’s not just a Nike advertisement.

You are the only one causing your suffering – If some one’s will is to hurt you, they will. Your reactions and physical actions regarding that pain are yours alone. You can stand up, speak out or just simply get up and walk away. You can fight back. You belong to no one but yourself.

You are only held back by you. – You set your own limits and boundaries just by thinking they exist. Man wanted to fly, so he built a plane. What other great accomplishments can we be host to if we think of alternate sources of energy, ways to save endangered species and curing the most injurious cancer? It can be done with our WILL.


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