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Initially I came up with the idea for this series because I want my blog to be a resource for anyone interested in Paganism regardless of their skill level. Alternately, it’s a resource for those just researching concepts in Paganism for school reports or their own personal interest. It’s just as important to cover all of the simple aspects of our beliefs as well as the more complicated ones. Having a strong foundation in your understanding of the elements will assist you in performing more effective magick and also help you to build a connection with the natural world. Thank you for stopping by and giving this a read. If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the space provided to below the article.

Introduction to the Element of Air


The element of air is positioned in the eastern quarter and is usually the first element called when calling a sacred magickal circle. There are other trains of thought that say the northern quarter is always called first but that is a matter of opinion. For the sake of this article, we’ll stick with this idea. It’s important to understand that there is always a necessity to the practitioner for working with each quarter but to be mindful of both positive and negative aspects of each individual element. While working only with one element you can laser focus your ritual intent but you lose the harmony of all of the elements playing on each other’s strengths and balancing out their weaknesses.

Positive Aspects

  • independence, diligence, acuity, lightness, flowing, attentiveness, consideration, heedfulness, watchfulness
  • trusting, optimism, joyful, contentment, care-free, silly notions, jokes, playfulness, light pranks, brings a smile to the face
  • one who is able to go with the flow
  • also seen as the “knowledge of the four winds” or represented as the “winds of change” or “favorable trade winds

Negative Aspects

  • gossip, dishonesty, lying, trickster aspect used in a negative form, “air-headed” behavior, unable to finish task at hand or stay on task
  • no perseverance, backstabbing, cunning, inability to focus, lack of clarity
  • long-winded, garrulousness, verbose, pedantic or story-telling with no clear direction of purposefulness

Attunement Ritual for the Eastern Quarter

The first thing you want to consider when working with a single element and getting to know that element is how you first encountered it as a child. As children we possess no biases or strong conditioning. We experience the elements in a very raw manner with no preconceived notion of what they are “supposed to be” according to some one else. So when we speak of the element of air in this manner, we look to interact with this element as much as possible to understand it better. When doing this ritual, make sure that you go to a setting, preferably somewhere with a lot of wind, gusts and breezes. This could be a field, near the ocean or any open place where there is not a lot of cover. You are immersing yourself in the element to understand it better.

You could begin by calling to the element of Air. Make sure whenever you call to something divine, that you speak clearly and with purpose in your voice. Don’t whine, beg or do anything that could be perceived as weakness in front of these sacred forces. They have a habit of finding some enjoyment in dominating humans as we seem to think that this Earth was created solely for our benefit. Speak to the element with respect and you will receive the same attention in return.

“Great Element of Air to the East, I call to thee!
Your children are the wisps and gusts that forever shape the land.
The birds and dragonflies owe to you their ability to glide upon your swells and gales.
You provide my lungs with the air I breath and give me a voice in which to make my will known.
Honor to you, Element of Air to the East!
Please grant me passage to Your mysteries and in return I will be ever mindful of You and the effect You have on the natural world.”

It would be fantastic to include an offering, something like incense, scented oil or candles, feathers or anything else you associate with the element. Alcoholic beverages are always an acceptable option but if you are limited by age or another reason, it’s perfectly fine to substitute some other favorite drink or food. Choosing your clothing is another way for you to bond with the element. Think of something light, airy or colored white, pale yellow or light blue.

This is just a sample of course. You could alternately do a ritual that included work with the Faerie Kingdom or another elemental associated with the eastern Quarter. It’s very important to know that while there are many books, papers and resources out there to learn from and to create a template, that’s all it really can do for you. It’s best to create a personal ritual to help the entire experience be more immersive and have as much of your energy involved as possible.

I want to thank you for reading along. You can of course make your ritual as elaborate as you can think of or as simple as the one I provided. What’s important is that you take away a better sense of the element you have employed and the kind of energies you want to include in future workings.  If you have any questions regarding the subjects I have covered here, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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