Character Background – Role Play


Name: Draven Ann Campbell
Age: 25
Zodiac Sign: Aries (d.o.b. 3/21/??)
Blood Type: O-
Hometown: Frankfort, Kentucky
Spirituality: Agnostic but leaning Paganism
Alignment: TBA

Born the youngest child from a family of 5 sisters, Draven’s had to play catch up almost from birth. Straight A’s, eventing and writing awards paled in comparison to the accomplishments of the rest of her family. Coming from a long line of military and over-achievers, Draven sticks out like a sore thumb during any family gatherings. While able to competently navigate in most intellectual situations, she is more of a dreamer, inventor and artist. Some of that personality bleeds over from her dreams which have shaped her life more than her own parents.

Since she was a very long child, her earliest memories involved seeing creatures and beings that no one else could see and having intense memories act out through herself making the origin of the memory almost indistinguishable. As a result of this, Draven got into substance abuse quickly as a way to cope with the sleepless nights of reliving other people’s destinies over and over again in her mind. Draven created a wall around herself and the rest of the world as a way to shut out how her family perceived  her repeated trips to pricey rehab clinics.
Draven’s father is a bit of a religious zealot and has worked his entire life to ensuring that Draven finds the light in Southern Baptism. As the daughter of a pillar of the local Church, there’s not a lot Draven can get away with that doesn’t immediately get reported back to her father. As a result, Draven’s learned to be careful and not speak up for herself.  Her father is severely emotionally abusive and has his daughter thinking that there is no escape from him; even under her own roof! This is kind of pivotal to Draven’s entire belief about herself and her place in the world.


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