Shedding the Skin of the Tractor/Trailer

Alright, going to write this in a bit of a different format than normal for myself and since people of the public generally read this sort of thing. I’ll include as much as I can and write the rest in a private diary and include a reference to what I have sketched out here. Here we go:

My Dream:

I dreamt I was moving around again. I saw my red bracelet almost instantly. Instead of changing course like so many times I do during these seemingly “mundane” dreams, I decided to let the scene play out in it’s own time. My entire SUV was packed to the hilt with my belongings. There was barely any ability to move or turn around inside the car as it was jammed full of items. My girlfriend Steph was driving for most of the dream but there was long bouts where Tim was also both passenger and driver. Kids were nowhere to be seen until later on.

I got the *feeling* that we were crossing state lines. I found that odd since I know presently I don’t want to be moving any further from Stephanie, Kevin or Deeply Rooted. Wade kept calling on the cell phone and we kept playing phone tag. As we reached the hotel where we would be staying for the night, I finally got a hold of Wade who wanted to hang out and get some dinner with me, Steph, Kevin and Tim. He came to pick me up as Kevin disappeared and Steph and Tim were unpacking the Explorer. I also saw them sneaking in some rather large reptile cages. The hotel had a strict *no pets* policy.

Wade told me he saw the kids at the grandparent’s house and they were fine. He was driving a black Honda Civic, approximately 2009 model with silver trim. It was very nice, with pleather seats and a charcoal interior. Probably the nicest car I’ve ever seen him drive. I commented on it and he told me it was a necessity where we were going. I watched the road as we drove. We seemed to be going so fast that time was standing still. It was raining all of a sudden. I heard the loud blaring of a semi’s horn behind us.

We were heading under a bridge in Wausau, or it looked a lot like the bridge for the 29 to Abbotsford crossover. It was 4:32 PM on the radio. It kept flashing rhythmically to the music that was playing in the background. It was J.C. BACH EB OP 9 No. 2. The only reason I know it was that is because the radio kept telling me on the digital display.  As we listened to classical music and headed towards our unknown destination, Wade pointed out the cars and other vehicles. The semi’s horn was still blaring in the rain. The sun was out, the sky was pinkish-grey and the raindrops seemed to freeze in place.

The Semi behind us was off the road. Not careening off the road, no, the wheels were OFF the road. It was floating out of control. It couldn’t get it’s bearings. Some of the cars were “off the road” so to speak. Two large jets sailed over head, very clear in their destination. A train horn blared and whizzed passed us, safely on it’s tracks. I sat their in surprise and watched as the turn took the Semi out completely. One last blaring of the truck’s horn and it was over.

I wanted out of the car. I wanted to tell Steph and Tim what I had seen. I told Wade to drop me off back at the hotel and we would meet up with him later. When he returned me to the room, I walked in. Allover the ground there were reptiles in cages. They all looked magnificent because they had shed their skin. Tim told me the hotel did not allow pets and that the owner was going to be searching rooms. Steph told me it was important that we get all of the reptiles out safely and bring them to Wade.

So the dream ended with us sneaking these beautiful snakes, lizards and turtles out into the raining night and meeting up for dinner. There was a house at the end of the dream. It was not the grandparent’s home but another. The kids were there having a total blast and Zoe walked up to me and hugged me. She was at least 1 1/2 years old. It looked an awful lot like Frankfort. Blue.

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