Pan, Yemaya, Durga and the Dharmic Chakra

Let me first honor the deities that brought me my wildest dreams last night. I want to say that I am truly thankful for the blessing of being able to channel these visions and dreams as they are in my mind’s eye. Double-blessed because I am able to write about it here. Just the highlights because there isn’t a lot of time to devote to this but I’d like to reflect later. Thank you Goddess Yemaya, Goddess Durga and Lord Pan for visiting me. Thank you ancestors for also being a part of the vision.

  • Yemaya came in the form of a blonde woman, blue eyes and ebony skin. Surrounding Her were lions and spectral sharks. She held a rattle that was also a mirror. She was very happy and content to be with me. She spoke to me about root magick and some of the changes coming for myself and those I love. I will put that somewhere private as I can not share all of it publicly.
  • Yemaya spoke of ancestors past, future and present. She told me who was reincarnated as what and what I could expect to learn from them in a different form. Most notably were my dad, grandfather, grandmother and a spirit I knew as a child who was my father’s exwife’s mother-in-law.
  • Durga came in the form of a curly haired, dark skinned, dark eyed woman. Let me know that it was time for me to build a relationship with ALL sides of Her. Keep my eyes on Kali but my heart in Durga.
  • Durga told me that one day I would visit the land with a flower as a flag by plane. I think She spoke of India. I felt the warm rush of wind as I came to the realization that India’s flag has a wheel on it. Durga asked me to concentrate on the wheel because there was a lesson there to be known.
  • The wheel is the Dharmic Chakra. I believe Durga centered my attention on this for a very special reason. She pointed to both of my new necklaces. One is a Raven, one is a flower. The Dharmic Chakra looks just like the flower necklace I’ve been wearing. The same amount of spokes on the wheel and everything. My new path is now meditating on the Dharmic Chakra and taking in the mysteries of each step. I plan on writing a small story how each path so far has lead me on my journey to my true self.
  • Pan also visited very briefly. I have been attempting to make some contact with Him because of my issues with my own sexuality and my past. It was surreal. Very brief. It felt like bird’s wings on my nose. Hard to describe the sensation. I will not be beaten by memories!


Avidyā (ignorance)
Sanskāra (conditioning of mind unknowingly)
Vijñāna (consciousness)
Nāmarūpa (name and form – constituent elements of mental and physical existence)
Ṣaḍāyatana (six senses – eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, and mind)
Sparśa (contact knowing others, the land, the physical)
Vedanā (sensation that there is something amiss)
Tṛṣṇā (thirst for something more than the obvious)
Upādāna (grasping reality)
Bhava (coming to be the true self)
Jāti (being born in a spiritual sense)
Jarāmaraṇa (old age and death of the physical form)

rinse and repeat 😉

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