The pieces falling into place – Elemental Interactions

This is just me putting the puzzle pieces together.

Healing Ritual Kingdoms and Key Elemental Players:

  • Unicorn – Several spotted signs of the Unicorn in or around after the healing ritual. Others made it a point to tell me about these sightings.

  • Offer of the Sacrifice to Grandmother Apple was accepted. Items that were key went missing at Her site.
  • Northern Gnome Kingdom – “May All Your Dreams be Filled with Baby Musk Ox!” Hardwrench and Gnome party dream. Gift of the baby musk oxen. Dream occurred at an odd time of the night, before 3:oo AM and recurred a few times afterward.
  • Eastern Faerie Kingdom – Lost Magickal charm reappearing after the interaction with Queen Maev statue. Libation, statement of intent and expressing of concerns and worries.
  • Southern Salamander Kingdom – Asking for assistance from the Fire Kingdom for personal goals related to the hearing ritual. Asking to see a sign of that in the form of an actual salamander. Also had an interaction with transporting a frog, also an amphibian to the pond.
  • Western Water Nymph Kingdom – No such interaction yet, but still waiting.
  • Kali – Statue broke immediately after ritual.
  • Clear sign from Raven / Loki and Hekate after interaction.
  • Clear sign about the pursuit of a personal goal after invoking the presence of all Gods from the Healing Ritual.



Sign from the water kingdom received.
Earth Behaves as Fire
Fire Behaves as Water
Water Behaves as Air
Hekate: You are enough.
Three words that changed my life
and they weren’t I Love You
It is
I am ME. I am Draven.
Raven and Hekate
The Handfasting of Loki and Hekate


Thank you, Water Kingdom

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I've been dedicated to Paganism and Earth Magick for 18+ years since Mabon 1999. I am a writer, an artist, and a student of nature.

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