Honor to Queen Maev

This is a personal interaction with Queen Maev I felt noteworthy and wanted to share with my Tribe.

Last night, I shared a glass of wine with my statue of Queen Maev. I expressed concerns, relating my emotional state and also my future goals to the altar I created in Her honor. I poured libations and anointed the statue. I looked into Her eyes and took in the powerful pose that first caught my eye when I purchased the statue at Paganicon. It was an odd moment for me when I came across the statue. I walked around the vendor area for a few moments. I had a lot of social anxiety because I dislike being around large crowds in tight spaces such as concerts or lectures. When I had just about left the area, I walked passed the vendor booth for a particular Pagan store in Saint Paul and locked eyes with my fellow Sister. The powerful Queen of the Faeries spoke to me. In that moment I heard, “Let Me come with you and We shall do magick together.” So it was then that my mind was made up. I do not ignore those thoughts.

So it was that I set up an altar to the Faerie Queen and our relationship began. I won’t go into the details of the Magick we have worked together, but I do want to share a little history. As a little girl into my teen years, I had an awkward experience with the Fae folk. It involved a prankster telling me that I should stomp on a Faerie circle of mushrooms. Being newly Pagan and not really understanding how things worked, I did it. HUGE RETRIBUTION. Do not mess with the Fae folk unless you realize wholly what you’re getting into and even then, there’s always a risk associated with practice. I can not put into words how stupid I was back then to do it. There was no excuse. So for years, I avoided the Faerie folk with all of my energy and actions.

  • Artwork shredded to pieces upon arriving home?
  • Missing intimate articles of clothing?
  • A general fear of Faerie shrines?

It’s no way to live! Believe me!

So upon becoming a member of Deeply Rooted, I made sure I set that right. I made a declaration of my intent, apologized to the Fae Kingdom and made offerings in Their honor. I never received much of an interaction outside of seeing some of the members of the Kingdom and getting the feeling of being watched but it seemed that all of the negative interactions had ceased. Message heard and apology accepted. I think apologies are always important and should come from a place of sincerity from the heart. I do not mess around with the mincing of words and definitions when I want to convey humility. Ownership of a situation is a wholehearted process for myself. Stupid teenager is no excuse for vandalizing a sacred Faerie site.

A few months ago, I lost one of my spell-casted charms. It just seemed to fall off in the living room of my house and disappeared into the ether. I rarely lose things and when I do, I almost immediately find them. This particular charm was very special and a key part of some Magick I was doing at the time. When it went missing, I felt like I was genuinely upset over the loss and couldn’t understand why it happened. Fast forward to last night.

I was having a pretty depressing moment. I am in the middle of changing some key personality features and resetting what I would call my ‘core programming.’ There’s a lot of ideas that need to be burned away in order to make room for personal growth. It’s hard, it’s very painful but it is necessary never to become hurt in this manner. It’s no one’s fault but my own in what happened and now that I recognize the need for change, I’ll do all I can to accomplish this goal. I have had enough interactions and dreams from the Gods and various spirit guides to know when They are telling me that there is an immediate need and that this is the right path. No need to question this any more.

So I shared a glass of wine with the Queen.  I expressed to Her where I was coming from and how I felt about various situations. I poured Her a generous libation, anointed Her vessel and spoke my piece in the audience of the Faerie Kingdom. It was a magickal experience as most of these interactions are when you leave your heart wide open to the ethereal plane and the inhabitants.

Long story short? Yeah I’m bad at word conservation, I know. Stephanie my roommate and girlfriend found the missing charm lying on the complete opposite side of the house out in the open. There’s no possible way it could be there. For me, this is a positive affirmation of our conversation. Thank you, Queen Maev. I do want to do powerful Magick with you and enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship. I think You are key to this happening.

Hail and honor the Faerie Queen,
Powerful warrior and ruler of the Land of Fae
I proclaim my thanks and acknowledge the lessons You have for me!
I will honor and speak Your sacred name often so that others may know of You!
I will pursue you with respect, integrity and all that I am to ensure we are both satisfied.

An interesting footnote. I am ready to pursue Pantheons that I have previously had little or no interactions with in the past. I think this is the Doorway opening to embrace the Celtic Pantheon along with the interactions with another Goddess. I am honored to be included and to give witness to what lessons They have for me. Hail the old Gods and remember them fiercely!

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