Application to Clergy for Deeply Rooted

Today I am submitting my application to be a prospective member of Deeply Rooted’s Clergy. I have been a member in good standing for roughly 5 years and in that time I have grown not only as an individual but also spiritually. My connection to the Gods has deepened in ways I could not possibly have imagined upon joining. Through a close friendship with Wade Mueller, I have gained insight into myself and my beliefs that were previously something I could fathom after a 5 year abusive relationship that left me confused about who I was as a Pagan. I have spent a lot of time and energy in maintaining these magickal interactions that I have fostered with my deities through the efforts of self-awareness, meditation and spellwork. I have also educated myself in a wide variety of spiritual paths in order to push my pursuit of knowledge further. My biggest revelation is that I feel it is now time to use my natural gifts to not only serve myself but also my fellow tribesmen. I feel it’s the right time to submit a formal application to the Clergy council.

I think it’s important to be aware of one’s gifts but not to the point of arrogance. When I relay these ideas and concepts to you, I do it in confidence from my own awareness of my abilities and also what others have shared with me in the past. As Pagans, we operate within Nature’s channel and not apart from it as the rest of society dictates to us. So as I relate to you what I can provide to the community, I will do it in accordance to the five elements.

Let’s begin with element of Air. I am a communicator and I have the capacity to be diplomatic when the need arises. This gift of communication is a valuable asset to Clergy members and also to the community at large. With that gift, conflicts among members can be dealt with effectively, efficiently and with compassion to all parties involved. It can also be used to help members relate to each other in ways they could not have done on their own. When assistance is needed in understanding views, that gift can be the greatest tool. My ability to write articles about different paths in the faith can help further and effectively teach those who may have interests in other areas.

Moving on to the element of Fire, my next gift comes in the form of deep, burning passion. I have a passion for my faith and for the community which I view as an entity bigger than myself. Like wildfire, I can share that intensity of faith to better the lives and enrich the path of those around me. I have the ability to use this passion to create rituals that can inspire, provide a torch for those members who are lost in the dark and have come to me with concerns and also to effectively burn away negativity that lies in the recesses of people’s hearts. Fire is a powerful force that can either eat through the roots of a community or burn away the deadened underbrush to make way for new life. With my passion, I can grow the community through new members and protect the community from harm.

The element of Water is next. I relate to water with the gift of healing. I have proven time and again that I can be impacted by an emotionally traumatic event, such as a breakup or the birth of a child and step away to give myself time to heal. I can separate my emotions from the needs of the community in order to uphold the balance of integrity, honor and professionalism as a member. Not only can I do that for myself, but I can encourage healing in others by showing them where they are hurting most and working with them to arrive to a solution. I also have an interest in assisting in the healing process of the cycles of death and birth. As my main deity is Kali, I feel this is an effective use of the tools I have been given. I am willing to pursue classes in order to become a death midwife and serve in that capacity to whomever needs it. Like Water, I can ‘go with the flow’ or ‘put out the flames’ if the situation requires.

Earth is the element for which I was born under as a Capricorn. In accordance to being born under that element, I feel I can effectively use my awareness of that element to help others to ground themselves when their lives spiral out of control. If there are willing ears and hearts able to produce action, then I can bring about change in their lives by effectively conveying a message that will bring about the most prosperity and abundance for them that they are able to accept. This is done by helping them find the core of their own self worth and also unearthing the personal challenges they face.

The element of Spirit is not one that is tangible. You can not truly touch Spirit but you can feel it if you are open to interactions between Pagan deities and nature. In the element of spirit I can use my natural gift of performing effective magick to not only assist in goals that our members have that must be done in a magickal sense (such as healing, needing jobs, etc) but also guide them to produce their personal touch to their own magick if that is their will. I run everything I do through an ethical filter and make sure to the best of my abilities that magick is right and necessary. I respect the law of the universe (Karma) to understand that I alone can not use magick for everything that is a hurdle. I ask the assistance and judgement of my fellow Pagans when ever I pursue something magickally to ensure I am not only making the right decision but also that all physical efforts on my part have been exhausted. This same lesson and way of conducting magick is something that I can help others with and teach them the process of ethical magickal work.

There are many challenges our community faces. When making the decision to submit this application to the Clergy council, I wanted to be the one who shed light on these challenges and also the one willing to provide a solution through hard work and personal sacrifice. I am both ready and willing to make whatever sacrifices (aside from the care of my children) are necessary to serve my community as I believe that the position of Clergy is one of servitude. I am ready to listen to whatever tasks are needed to accomplish this goal. I believe with all of my heart and mind that I possess the qualities and gifts that will uphold the honor and integrity of our sacred land. I appeal to the council to consider my words and thank you for your time and energy in this matter.


Yours Truly,


Kim Frank

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Let me introduce myself: I'm Quill! In addition to being an ordained minister and blogger, I am a mother of five little girls. My Magickal practice dates back over two decades. As a tarot reader, life coach, and spell caster, I specialize in these three fields. I'm passionate about removing the taboo surrounding people seeking help for mental health challenges. Welcome to my blog!

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