Preparing for the Healing Ritual

Healing Ritual for Deeply Rooted 2017 Ostara

Mindset / Intent

This ritual I have presented to you is a Healing Ritual.  There are elements of banishing mixed in as well to assist in the healing process. I think it’s good to know my mindset and also my intent as well as your own. 2016 was a very hard time for everyone at Deeply Rooted. Many of us suffered battles of the heart, medical hardships and financial ones as well. As a way to set forth the pendulum to swing in another direction, we will be directing our energy at removing obstacles, making decisions, exploring our emotions, seeking understanding through logic and banishing negative thought forms within ourselves and around us. The attendants of the ritual are mostly silent. This is not a calling out session of blame. In this ritual, we take personal accountability for our actions as well as stating our intent silently to the Gods, the Elementals and most importantly, ourselves.

From my own personal research, I learned that at least 5 planets were in retrograde last year. Let’s put our hardships behind us and focus on fortifying the tribe and nurturing our Roots.

Working with Elementals

Instead of calling the four directions as is normally the custom at Deeply Rooted, I went with the Elementals who inhabit the land. Each Elemental was chosen through personal interaction with them during my time at Deeply Rooted. Some of us have seen Them and felt Them and now we call the Kingdoms within the Land to aid us in our journey with the Gods. They stand as witness to the ritual and act as protectors and guardians as we do battle. They hear us and will act accordingly to our own decisions. In this ritual, we honor the Gnomes, Faeries, Salamanders and Water Nymphs. We not only call upon them to help in our interaction but we also ask them to judge our hearts and our directions. We understand that by calling them and asking for their favor, we are expected to hold up our end of the bargain through hard work. There is no ‘free lunch’ in Magick and it is not intended to be a substitute for personal discipline.

Overview of Deities

I encourage everyone to become somewhat familiar with these Deities if they attend the ritual. Understand what energies you are working with and you will have a better connection and result. This is just a brief overview. I have worked all of these Deities personally in my private rituals and dreams. I do a lot of cross-Pantheon work. I work with the Deities that come through to me and I have personally never had this combination clash. Each deity was chosen because of what They represent.

I chose the order of these Deities in a very specific fashion to allow Their strengths to best be used. The idea is to open up the pathways by removing obstacles, presenting our decisions/challenges, understanding our emotional outlook on them, taking command via knowledge and logic and banishing the negativity in our lives to move ahead. Each Deity’s talent and unique vibrational energy flows into each other purposefully and organically.

Ganesh – (Hinduism) The Lord of New Beginnings, the Divine Remover of Obstacles. He is thought of the God that is used as the first step in contacting all other Gods in Hinduism. He appears as an Elephant-headed God and is usually one of the most benign and understanding Deities that one can encounter in this Pantheon. The coins we offer to Him are not only an offering but a representation of Prosperity in our own lives. Envisioning this immense God removing the obstacles in your life with His giant tusks and great strength is a powerful tool. Let us move past what seemed an unmoving barrier before and into the land of decisions.  

Hecate – (Greek) The Goddess of Magick, Ghosts, the Underworld and Crossroads. Often seen as the torchbearer, Hecate who dwells in the Underworld assists people in making difficult, life-changing decisions. She aids people in shedding light on their own lives in order to achieve the best result for themselves. Before the ritual, we will be drawing up our goals/intent/decisions on a piece of paper. This is not spoken aloud and is between you and Goddess Hecate. The more difficult the decision, the better the outcome as you deal with a Goddess who is attuned to showing you the best possible path for yourself.

Yemaya – (African) From Yoruba (African) folklore and tradition comes to us the Orisha (Goddess) Yemaya. Queen of the Oceans, She is depicted as the Deity in charge of understanding emotions. Emotions play a very critical part in the healing process. Our angers, passions, sorrows and joys can all affect our paths. Yemaya will assist you in not only  exploring their depths but also taking charge of them and using them as a tool instead of a weapon. We will have some water to pour over shells that will be given out before the ritual. This act will represent pouring out our emotions on Yemaya’s altar so that She may see our hearts and where our emotions are guiding us.

Thoth – (Egyptian) The Ibis-Headed Lord of Knowledge and Law. Thoth is a very analytical Deity who helps us take our emotions and convert them into logic so that we can make a decision free of any misperceptions. He will clear the air on things and help you see your life, your path and your interactions with the rest of the world in the most objective way possible. If Karma is to be dealt, one way or the other, He will carry that knowledge to the ethereal plane to ease it along. People shudder at the idea of Karma because it carries a negative connotation but that is not how Karmic energies work. They can be either positive and negative and are necessary to set the scales of life to balance. The mirror represents our self judgement and awareness in our own actions and the bread represents the bounty of those decisions.

Kali – (Hinduism) Goddess Kali-ma is no laughing matter. She is the Slayer of our own personal demons, ego and ideas. Her name means ‘Time’ and ‘Blackness’ and She is Shakti / Consort to Lord Shiva, the Hindu God of Destruction. When this Deity is brought into any circle, She means business. Her weapons will do battle with any negative spirits, thought-forms or inner demons. She will win. Now that we’ve taken this journey, removed the obstacles, made decisions, explored our emotional intent and passed through the scales, we now dwell in the Cremation Grounds. The Death of ourselves and our negative thought forms. While Kali is fierce, She is also extremely compassionate. She can lift us from the land of Death and help us birth our new selves. The ash we spread on our faces represents our rawest self, now presented in front of Elementals, Deities, Ancestors and whatever forces we call forth within ourselves.

The Unicorn

The Unicorn

The brass unicorn that dwells in the Frog Hall Lodge will be present for the ritual. Unicorns have long been associated with healing and Magick as well as proud mounts during times of battle. She has stood silently witnessing our interactions for quite some time. Through her, our energy will be directed for the best possible outcome. Before the ritual, she will be cleansed, blessed and the spirit of Deeply Rooted’s Tribe charged within her vessel. While unicorns may seem quite benign, they can be fierce protectors of their family and will do whatever is necessary to charge forward and right the balance.

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