Lucky Green Rice Recipe

Lucky Green Rice Recipe

Ask yourself…

Do you desire a new job or a promotion?

Do you desire to bring in customers to buy your goods?

Do you desire some quick wealth or financial harmony?

How about erasing debts AND getting your financial life back on track?

Then Green Rice MAY be the answer for you!

One of my first ventures into Voodoo and Rootwork (Hoodoo) is making ‘Lucky Green Rice‘ or ‘Green Fixed Rice.‘ I’m actively pursuing a connection to New Orleans Voodoo but I have noticed that a lot of Hoodoo and Santería practices tend to cross over. This is one of those instances. Always do a bit of research on practices before engaging in them. Ignorance is no excuse for a bad interaction. Even seemingly harmless practices may turn explosively rotten without a bit of experience under your belt.

This mixture is used to bring prosperity, quick money, abundance and fertility in all forms. It can be used to help with job interviews, promotions or any venture that is financially themed. It’s creation is fairly simple and with some homework, a dedicant can make their own mixture or buy some ready made from sites such as Ebay or Etsy. I strongly urge that you do some homework on whatever vendor you are buying from before purchase. If you research their feedback and see a lot of negative comments or ratings, then you might want to reconsider the item. A strong feedback rating, positive results and testimonials can certainly add to a person’s credibility but it does not ensure a guarantee of authenticity.

As some of you may know, rice by itself has long been used as a symbol of wealth and prosperity in ancient and modern cultures. If you have rice, then you and your family aren’t going to go hungry. If you can grow rice where you live, then you are doubly blessed with good fortune. Rice has long served as an offering to many deities and entities such as the Kitsune from Japan who is a servant of the Grain Goddess Inari Ōkami. The very motion of sprinkling rice into an earthenware bowl sounds like rain or coins falling.

At first, I searched the internet for a basic recipe. One constant in Voodoo/Rootwork is that there are many interpretations of the same concept. A lot of the recipes varied but a few had some consistencies in their creation. A note about making anything magickally related. You must visualize what each ingredient means to you as you are making your conjuration. If an ingredient as a negative thought form, reminder or means nothing to you it will not be potent. It’s also important to try and find fresh ingredients as their potency may be in question if they are too stale. Although, sometimes despite the best efforts at acquiring things, the seasons may stand in our way so it’s important to try but not necessary. Results will vary, of course. 

You will need the following ingredients, substitutions are always welcome!

1 Cup Jasmine Rice – You can use any rice but I’d steer clear of any of the minute rices or ‘sticky rice’ as there is too much starch in these varieties and it tends to get messy quick. I adore Jasmine rice because of it’s scent so I use this variety in my workings.

2 Tablespoons of Rubbing Alcohol

Several Dollar Bills (Shredded) – This is a very important ingredient to the mixture. If the idea of shredding real money bothers you, you can purchase pre-shredded currency online that has been taken out of circulation. Ebay is a great resource for finding this element and it’s usually pretty inexpensive to purchase in decent quantities.

Confetti Money – This seems to be a uniquely ‘New Orleans Voodoo’ practice. You can purchase this at party shops, novelty stores or online.

4 whole cinnamon sticks that you will crush up

2 oz powdered or crushed pyrite – You may need to go online to find this potent factor. If you have pyrite, I can personally attest to the difficulty involved in powdering it.

2 Tablespoons Pennyroyal – This is actually a common herb to find if you live near a store that stocks lose tea herbs. If not, you can grow some with ease if the weather is right or again, purchase online.

2 Tablespoons Holy Water – Now some Pagans don’t actually believe that witches can make Holy Water as it is a purely Christian spiritual tool. I don’t subscribe to this one bit. I’m also one to believe that Magick is Magick regardless of the source. If enough people believe in something strongly enough, it becomes something. That is a Pagan belief, is it not? Holy Water or cleansing water has long been used in Polytheistic practices from around the world. While it may be absent from NeoPaganism you can not discount ancient practices that are well documented. If the practice of Holy Water bothers you, you can skip this part.

Green Food Coloring – How did you think it turned green?*grin*

(Optional) Lodestone Food – Another rare ingredient that adds to potency and can be purchased online. It is not entirely necessary but it does help. Some people substitute ‘glitter’ in this instance but I’d prefer to use Lodestone Food.

Alright, so taking your uncooked (dry, unprocessed) rice, place this in a jar with the rubbing alcohol and the Holy Water. Invision as you do this, that the rice is being purified. Surrounded by a brilliant white light, all of the negativity is leaving the rice and going into the earth to be transmuted. Place some of the green food coloring in the jar now and envision your empty wallet being stuffed full to the gills with money. Envision your new paycheck with a substantial amount being cashed at the bank or credit union. Affix a lid to the jar, screw it on tightly and gently shake the mixture. Hear the sound of coins falling into your possession.

After you’re done doing this, lay out some paper towels and spread the rice out to dry. It might be a little messy so you may want to wear gloves if you’re worried about getting food coloring all over yourself. After a few hours, you’re ready for the next step! Add the shredded money, rice mixture, confetti money, crushed cinnamon sticks, lodestone food, pennyroyal and crushed pyrite (or glitter) to a large gallon-sized freezer bag. As long as you properly dried the rice, everything should shake together nicely. You may also add some dried lemongrass if you wish, another herb considered to be lucky.

As you shake the bag to evenly distribute the contents, recite a favorite prayer. The traditional one is ‘Our Father’ a Catholic prayer (many of the traditions like Voodoo or the like use many Catholic aspects as this was part of the cultural assimilation.)

Our Father, Who art in heaven
Hallowed be Thy Name;
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those who trespass against us;
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil. Amen.

You don’t need to use a Catholic prayer if you don’t feel a connection to that deity. I was raised Catholic so I still feel some connection to that faith. I’m more aligned to Mother Mary than the Christian God. I also feel a strong connection to the Mexican deity of Santa Muerte even though She has recently been blacklisted by the Catholic Church. I would personally cast a Magickal circle over the rice, awakening it’s powers and creating sacred space. After that, I would call on Santa Muerte and ask Her for Her assistance in blessing the rice for abundance while visualizing my goal. Visualization is the most elusive part of manifestation into the physical world. If you can see it in your mind strong enough you can bring it from the ethereal plane into the mundane world without trouble.

Another interesting note is that some practitioners of Voodoo use ‘Money Draw Oil’ to also infuse their rice. I will some day post a recipe for that as well on this site. The ingredients are very similar to the Lucky Green Rice and the addition of this ingredient only adds to it’s potency. After the rice has been awoken, charged and consecrated to the flavour of your personal beliefs, I would then obtain a Green Novena Candle. Before it I would place a small bowl of the Lucky Green Rice as an offering to the spirits, ancestors, entities or deities you are working with to accomplish your task. Anoint the Green Novena Candle and also, with a black permanent marker (it’s quite challenging to get anything else to stick to the glass on these) I would write your goal. New Job, Promotion, Quick Money, etc. Use these keywords as a daily visual reminder of your manifestation goal.

Now, light the Novena candle. These are my favorite candles of all to use in Candle Magick. They are relatively safe to leave burning alone, inexpensive, easy to obtain and will last for 7 days. 7 is a very lucky number when calling forth financial energies. As with all lit candles, exercise extreme caution. Burning your house down isn’t going to help you. Make sure wherever you place your candle and bowl of rice that it is free from the influence of pets, children or clumsy roommates.

Please see my article on Novena Candle Magick for more information on Novena Candles and their uses in magick.

Every day, add just a tiny bit more of rice to the bowl. Visualize your pockets/wallet/paycheck growing more by each day that passes. There you are! LUCKY GREEN RICE!

Cautionary note:

There are no ‘free rides’ in Magick. If you ask the universe for something be prepared to give something in return. A sacrifice must be important to you. You also must be willing to put forth the effort to gain the things you’re after. For example, using Lucky Green Rice to obtain a job will require you to fill out applications, dress the part and actively participate in an interview. No one is going to come beating your door down to offer you a job while you sit on a couch waiting for an anointed candle to burn.  If you receive what you were after in the first place, BE SURE to thank the spirits/entities/deities who you approached. Don’t just ask them for something and pay them no mind. They will cut off connections to you quickly and without warning. Alright, with that said, let’s move on to the fun part!

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