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“So now, as the Maiden form of the Goddess whispers to us of hope and new beginnings at the festival of Imbolc, it is on a cold February morning that you are invited to step onto the ‘Wheel of the Year.”

― Carole Carlton, Mrs Darley’s Pagan Whispers: A Celebration of Pagan Festivals, Sacred Days, Spirituality and Traditions of the Year

Deeply Rooted Mabon Chant (Draft for Ritual)

Seed to stalk, soil to sun, Summer time is nearly done, Swing in harmony, the Tribe together, to face the coming stormy weather, Elders die, night gives way, Autumn leaves fall and drift away, Ancestors to rest, the young are taught, Wisdom discovered, knowledge sought, ‘Round and ‘Round the Wheel does turn, Showing us the…

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Breaking Isa – A Blessing Ritual for Ostara

Good morning! This is the ritual outline for the “Breaking Isa” Ritual Blessing to be performed on Saturday, March 30th, 2019. This ritual is taking place before the main ritual and will be approximately 35 minutes if all goes well. If you need to bring a chair to sit, that is perfectly fine! Children are…

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Deeply Rooted Ostara 2.0 Invocaton Draft

Spirits of Deeply Rooted, near and ’round, Hemlock Grove, to Ancestor Mound, Oaken Circle and Goddess Shrine, Awaken now, with Us align, In You, We place Our deepest trust, Above and so below,  Oaths discussed, Actions from thought, We can attest, Our desires come forward to manifest, In perfect love and partnership, Together we take…

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Deeply Rooted is Springing Forward During Ostara!

There’s an old saying that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. The co-mingling of energies both intense and subtle were beautifully interwoven into the fabric of our Tribe this weekend at Deeply Rooted Church’s Ostara celebration. As the Tribe readies it’s self for the upcoming season of renewal and growth,…

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Yule Ritual 2017 – A Connection of the Sleeping Self and the Sleeping Earth

HP: We welcome all who have made their way on the coldest, longest day of the Wheel of the Year into our midst. All: Hail and Welcome! HPS: Yule is a time of sacred introspection, of merry gift giving and a time when the wits of men are are honed best as they are repeatedly…

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Kemetic Tribal Acceptance Ritual for Lughnasadh

Introduction Shining Quill: Welcome to Deeply Rooted’s Acceptance Ritual. This is a Kemetic or Ancient Egyptian themed ritual designed to help all of you feel welcomed in our Tribe. We will now be opening the Doorways between worlds by calling upon the Temples of the Gods and the respective Element They represent.  When I say,…

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Litha Ritual Mockup (JUST FOR PERSONAL USE)

Deeply Rooted Sun Cauldron Passion Rite Welcome to Deeply Rooted’s 2017 Litha! Litha in History: (Wade Leads) About this Ritual: In this ritual we are drawing down the fiery energies of the masculine Sun into the waiting womb of the feminine Cauldron propagate passion. A customary action to honor the MidSummer balefires of our ancestors.…

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