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“On the Disc, the Gods aren’t so much worshipped, as they are blamed.”

― Terry Pratchett, The Color of Magic

A Prayer to the Morrigan

Morrigan, Morrigan,Splendid queen, lady lovely,Badb, Macha, Numain,Holy Mother trinity,Burn the salt, bless the light,restore the Vision,mend My might,Shadows past along a lonely road,Memories come again,welcome to my abode,time removes the bandage unwound,fear, ill-will, ego away,and bring forth the Magick to abound,Witch’s kiss and drop of blood,I see the mirror,No longer covered in mud,Embrace the past…

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9 Gods of Inspiration & Motivation

I wanted to start this article by thanking all of you who read my blog. It genuinely brightens my day when people comment that they got something from reading what I’ve written about Paganism. I wrote this particular article as part of a request from someone who read 9 Gods of Manifestation. If you have…

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9 Gods of Manifestation – Opening the Doors to Success Magick

My main focus when it comes to writing and practicing Magick is manifesting my visions into reality, so I was recently searching for Pagan topics to write about for my blog.The question of which deities are associated with manifestation (aka “getting it done!”) However, a simple Google search brought up only Yahweh being manifested into…

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Gratitude for the Gods: Are blessings a one way street?

Disclaimer: This article talks about the gratitude we can give the Gods. It focuses on using our own personal power (will) to project energy to those we work within our spiritual practices. If you don’t have a connection to or work with any deities, you could also apply this to ancestors, guardians, or any spirit…

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Syncretism in the Pagan Pantheon

The definition of syncretism as it relates to this article has been taken from the Merriam-Webster dictionary: :  the combination of different forms of belief or practice I remember the moment that Paganism crept into my life as a little four year-old girl as clear as it was yesterday. My aunt, who wasn’t even remotely…

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Habitat for Divinity – A Tribute to Lord Pan

As usual, I was in my house cleaning when I heard the most grisly sound I’ve heard in a long while. Poking my head out my kitchen window, I saw two large Komatsu cranes grabbing handfuls of precious trees as if they were toothpicks. My neighbor’s acreage which forms an L-shape and essentially “hugs” my…

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Coffee with Ganesha: A Personal Meditation

This is a meditation that I wrote out for myself for when I am experiencing obstacles. It’s supposed to act as a template for others who are seeking meditation with a deity. Everyone’s experiences will be completely different. This serves as a guide to illustrate the value of the inward journey and what new thought…

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Embracing Loki – Overcoming stagnation by accepting change.

I’ve always been attracted to the Trickster deities of various pantheons. For myself, Raven of the Northwest Coast Native American pantheon has always been of particular interest due to His way of tricking people into stepping outside of their comfort zone in order to teach them what they are capable of along their path. I’ve…

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The Passage of Lakshmi – Overcoming ill will towards others by overcoming ill will towards the self.

Lakshmi or Laxsmi is commonly known as the Goddess of wealth, prosperity, and beauty. She is also the divine consort or Shakti (one who enables) of Lord Vishnu and a primary deity in Vaishnavism tradition Hinduism. She’s an ancient Goddess who is well known and to which many shrines and temples are devoted to Her, however,…

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We are the Divine Spark

Sitting in Catholic school as a young child was a fascinating experience for me. The world of Saints, the Virgin Mary, the sacrifice of the Christ, and sacred Trinity unfolded before me like a vast map. It might sound funny that someone who heavily entrenched in Paganism would fondly remember their enforced Catholic upbringing as…

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Hermes Connection Magick

Can You feel the signal? Lights on the router blur as they blink in sync with one another, the connection isn’t lost, no 404 I’m rebooting and transmitting my thoughts, Hermes, God of communication, I’m calling technical support! Please answer my call! Security breach eminent! Gliding along the zephyr, surging in the heavens, lightning bolts…

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Make a connection! Working with Hermes

Feeling out of touch with yourself and others? A streak of bad luck plaguing you? Feeling like the past was stolen from you and want to get back what is rightfully yours? Hermes can help! Behold the Divine Messenger who heralds the coming of  Gods ancient and modern! He effortlessly glides between the world of…

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Divine Mistakes – The Ups and Downs of Pagan Gods

During a chat with a close friend, I found myself pointing out that Pagan Gods are famous for making mistakes. It’s always been one of the most attractive points about Paganism to have deities that are not only powerful but also relatable. Unlike in Christian mythos, Pagan tales are filled with lover’s quarrels, thievery, murder…

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