Whisker and Hoof – A Modern Connection Ritual to Spirit Animals

A Vision of the Beyond Overlooking the glacial lake beyond my gaze is the towering masses of sheer granite an quartzite mountains, the waves of said lake are whirling and fawning at the richness of the liquid gold afternoon. The glittering auspicious orb in the sky leaves a luminescent trail on my neck and dances... Continue Reading →

Divine Mistakes – The Ups and Downs of Pagan Gods

During a chat with a close friend, I found myself pointing out that Pagan Gods are famous for making mistakes. It's always been one of the most attractive points about Paganism to have deities that are not only powerful but also relatable. Unlike in Christian mythos, Pagan tales are filled with lover's quarrels, thievery, murder... Continue Reading →

Litha Ritual Mockup (JUST FOR PERSONAL USE)

Deeply Rooted Sun Cauldron Passion Rite Welcome to Deeply Rooted's 2017 Litha! Litha in History: (Wade Leads) About this Ritual: In this ritual we are drawing down the fiery energies of the masculine Sun into the waiting womb of the feminine Cauldron propagate passion. A customary action to honor the MidSummer balefires of our ancestors.... Continue Reading →

Weekly Tarot Guidance for the week of June 12 through 18, 2017

Tarot by Cecelia

It is as if the pot has been stirred with all the recent energy shifts, creating a recipe for massive change where, at some point, the lid will blow right off the pot. This week Neptune joins Pluto and Saturn in the retrograde club and will not go direct until November 22. Pay close attention to your dreams and remember to listen to your inner voice, otherwise known as your intuition. Listen to my Weekly Tarot Guidance below:

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Artwork Credit: Anita Inverarity

6 of Wands – Deck-in-Progress

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Last Week’s Tarot Guidance

June Love and Finance Tarot Guidance on YouTube:


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You want to be a BDSM Master? True Mastery – Makings of a Good Master

domination submission

true mastery

What does any slave seek? Someone who is both Powerful and Compassionate in the balance right for their personal need. That balance varies from individual to individual. And yes, there are many other more personal factors also. But in essence, that is what a slave needs. Someone powerful enough to control them to the core of their soul, and someone compassionate enough to apply that control with discretion.

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Can be sprinkled on objects or people

Rubbed into special parts of the body in an attempt to gain certain objectives

Kept in the home or place of business to attract or repel specific aims

Pinched into Conjure Bags

Buried with Charms

Added to Spells Ritual ingredients to enhance the effects of what you are accomplishing

Blown in a certain direction for one singular purpose

Poured onto the Earth in Symbols

Sprinkled on a pathway sidewalk or street stepping backwards

Also included with the Powders are

Dried Herbs
Drop of Essential Oil
Talcum Powder
Ancestor Graveyard Dirt
SugarAfter you have gathered together the materials you will need

Combine them one at a time in a Mortar then with your thoughts on what you are doing and why you are doing it take the Pestle and grind them all down into a dust like…

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